Teekay has developed from a regional shipping company into one of the world’s largest marine energy transportation, storage and production companies.

Technical Officer


1. Document Control
a) Maintain check list of periodic reporting due from vessel. Verify from ships file for overdue reports – query vessels for abnormal delays. 
b) Ship

  • Dispatch and follow up of documents received on board : Class and statutory certificates, survey status reports, navigation charts and publications, Notices to Mariners and tracings, Flag State / M.S.Notices, IMO publications, test certificates, service and inspection reports and any other documents relating to vessel’s specific requirement.

2. Technical Operating Costs

  • Keep record of all accrued costs. Scrutinize all invoices.
  • Classify per accounting codes. Present invoices to Ship Superintendent / Fleet Director for approval.Ensure accounts receive sufficient notice and approved invoice well before payment due date. Follow up with accounts for payment of overdue invoices.All pending bills are to be checked periodically and put up to Ship Superintendent with reasons for delay, if any.

3. Stores
Work closely with Ship Superintendents and vessels to ensure orders are arranged well in advance.

4. Spares Parts

  • Monitor inventories

5. Delivery of Spares/Stores to Ships
Record status and follow up each requisition till delivery.

  • Wherever possible consolidate supply of spares for delivery to ship to save on transportation costs. Once a week discuss with the Ship Superintendent the pending list for spares and stores with reasons for delays and take advice for action.

6. Surveys

  • Check from the latest class listing and surveys status forms received from ship – for survey due in next one month/next three months – advise vessel and arrange class/statutory survey in consultation with the Ship Superintendent.

 Requirements (Knowledge, Skill and Abilities):

  • Analytical, problem solving, time management and decision making skills.
  • Ability to respond positively to customers in an effective manner.
  • Demonstrates teamwork, interpersonal and communications skills.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications.
  • Education and experience as an engineer in a marine, mechanical, electrical or drawing office environment.

Interested applicant, please send your resume to recruitment@teekaymarine.com

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