GlobalTechserve Marine Sdn Bhd

GlobalTechserve Marine Sdn Bhd (832491-X) was formed to provide services in Marine and Oil & Gas industry within the asean region.  Being a 100% Bumiputera Company, GlobalTechserve Marine Sdn Bhd will strive to provide excellence and quality services at par with other marine services company in this region. The company aims to become one of the main players in marine services sector by focusing in supplying of relevant type of vessels, underwater diving / ROV services as well as supply of marine oil & gas products & services to the target clients. 

Air Diver
We are looking for Air Divers to join our company to assist in our marine oil & gas projects. The candidates we are looking should possess as follows:

  • To carry out and execute the task as per scope of works provided and to meet client expectations.


  • Recognized diving certifications (i.e. ADAS,HSE) or any other professional diving certification.
  • Relevant work experiences

Hydrographer/ Hydrographic Surveyor

  • To carry out all survey tasks and execute positioning, navigation as per survey procedures and client requirements
  • To perform computations, data processing, field reporting and survey reporting as per survey job scopespecifications


  • Recognized hydro certificates (i.e. Hydrographic Surveying Course CAT A & B) or any  other hydro     professional certificates
  • Relevant experiences in Hydrographic surveying work, equipment and software

Dive Technicians

  • To carry out inspection, testing and repair on diving equipment
  • To ensure all the diving equipment are in good conditions


  • To have relevant knowledge and experiences in diving equipment mechanical works.
  • Recognized Dive Technicians certificates

ROV Supervisor

  • To  ensure all ROV work are completed to a standard as per project requirements
  • To control and monitor ROV team


  • To have minimum of 8 years offshore ROV construction, installation, survey and support experience, with at least 3 years as ROV supervisor with supervision/piloting log
  • To have relevant knowledge and experiences with work class ROV systems and tooling packs
  • Relevant ROV  professional certificates or equivalent

ROV Pilot /Technician

  • To carry out  inspection, testing and repair on ROV equipment
  • To ensure all ROV equipment in a good condition and well operated


  • To have relevant knowledge and experiences in ROV equipment mechanical work
  • To have minimum 10 years experiences in Offshore operation
  • To have minimum 5 years experiences as a ROV Pilot with work class ROV’s
  • Recognize ROV Technician & High Voltage Training Certificates
  • To have up to date IMCA ROV’s pilot’s log book
  • Must have undergone formal ROV training in either Mechanical, Electronic or Electrical discipline

Structural Engineer

  • To supervise and monitor underwater structure inspection and repair works performed by commercial divers.
  • To provide the reading and make full report to clients on every project executed.
  • To liaise with consultants and clients as far as structures are concerned.


  • Minimum qualification to have Degree  in Engineering
  • To have minimum of 5 years working experiences in the relevant fields

Diving Supervisor

  • To supervise onshore diving works as well as to execute the works assigned
  • To control and monitor diving team


  • To have relevant recognized diving supervisor certificates
  • To have minimum 5 years diving experiences

Send your Resume/ CV's, Certificates and anything else that will make you stand out to

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