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A joint venture between FELDA and IFFCO, FELDA IFFCO SDN BHD is engaged in the refining, processing and marketing of palm and palm kernel oil based products for retail and industrial use. Strategically located at Port Klang, it has integrated facilities for refining, fractionating, hardening including inter-esterification to produce a complete range of cooking oil, ghee, shortenings, margarines, specialty oils and fats.

Kekosongan jawatan :-
  1. Eksekutif Kewangan
  2. Eksekutif Pembungkusan
  3. Penyelia "Moulding"
  4. Juruteknik Instrumen
  5. Fitter Elektrik
  6. Kerani Dokumen
  7. Pembantu Makmal
  8. Operator Pembungkusan
  9. Operator Plant

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