Brunei Shell Petroleum Company Sdn Bhd

Brunei Shell Petroleum Company Sdn Bhd’s activity is primarily for the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas from onshore and offshore fields. It also owns the Brunei Refinery. The Government of Brunei Darussalam and The Asiatic Petroleum Company Limited are equal shareholders. 

  1. BSP/EBS3 - IAP Planner (JG4)
  2. BSP/WOP124 Electrical Lead Tech(SAEP)-JG 6
  3. BSP/IPG31 - Info Management Consultant (JG5)
  4. BSP/IPG36 - Corporate Webmaster (JG5)
  5. BSP - Operation Coach (JG90/4)
  6. BSP/FAU3 - Senior Technical Auditor (JG3)
  7. Line Pilot
  8. Maritime Business Assurance Focal Point (JG5)
  9. Marine Engineering Supervisor (JG4)
  10. Graduate Development Trainee
  11. Brunei Shell Joint Venture Scholarship Scheme
How to apply
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