AlloyMtd Group

AlloyMtd is a leading Asian infrastructure conglomerate operating in the global market. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, AlloyMtd is a merger between two reputable sister companies, MTD Capital Bhd (MTD) and Alloy Consolidated Sdn Bhd (Alloy), which collectively have a well-established track record in civil engineering and construction, manufacturing, infrastructure development, infrastructure concessions, operations and maintenance (O&M), energy-related, as well as real estate and property development activities.

  1. Manager,Operations
  2. Manager, Contract & Procurement
  3. Assistant Vice President, Specialized Product & Services
  4. Senior Engineers & Engineers (Project/Mechanical/Electrical)
  5. Safety & Health Officer
  6. Senior Executive & Executive, Marketing & Sales
  7. Operations Manager
  8. Manager,Traffic
  9. Engineer, Operations
  10. Engineer, Projects
  11. Vice President & Assistant Vice President, Finance & Treasury
  12. Senior Executive & Executive, Account Management
  13. Senior Executive & Executive, Internal Audit
  14. Senior Quantity Surveyor & Quantity Surveyor
  15. Senior Executive & Executive, IT
  16. Software Engineer

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