VS Industry Berhad

VS Industry Berhad Malaysia and VS International Group Limited(Hong Kong, China) are public listed companies in Malaysia and Hong Kong with over 27 years of Multi-products OEM contract manufacturing/EMS experiences. We are among the top 50 Contract Manufacturing services providers in the world.

Our operations locate in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and China employing over 15,000 workers and operating on more than 5 millions sq. ft. of manufacturing space and still adding.

We are specialist in Plastic Injection Molding(one of the largest in the region), Plastic Secondary Finishing, Tools design and fabrication, PCB assembly via Surface Mount Technology(SMT), Auto Insertion(AI), Chips on Board(COB), Manual Insertion(MI), Final Product Box Build having the same capability like any world renowned Electronic Manufacturing Services companies. VS Industry has also demonstrated excellent capability in the production of a wide range of Remote Control units – ODM/OEM, Printers, Vacuum Cleaners, Home Appliances, White Goods, Audio, Video, DVD products for world class companies in full turnkey, pseudo-turnkey and consigned mode.

Available positions:-
  1.  Officer ( Purchasing/Marketing/Planning/Account)
  2. Supervisor/ Superitendent ( Store/Production/Quality)
  3. Engineer (Injection molding/Mechanical/ E & E)
  4. Production Manager (Assembly/ Injection molding)

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