Sepakat Setia Perunding (Sdn) Bhd

Sepakat Setia Perunding (Sdn) Bhd is presently a leading multi-disciplinary engineering consultance firm with proven track record of more than 88 years experience in consulting engineering services serving both the public and private sectors.

The company is registered with The Board of Engineers Malaysia and The Ministry of Finance Malaysia, as well as a member of The Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia, The Malaysian Water Association and Road Engineers Association Malaysia.

The company had undertaken and completed numerous Government and private projects successfully. These projects include the study, design and construction supervision of airport and marine terminals, ports and harbours, dredging and reclamation, drainage and irrigation works, oil, gas and related facilities, roads, dams, viaducts, bridges, reservoirs, water supply and sewerage schemes including treatment plants, commercial buildings and residential housing, factories, industrial estate, and other high-skilled engineering projects.

Available positions:-
  1. Project Managers
  2. Civil/Structure Engineers
  3. Cadd Operators/Draftpersons
  4. IT Technicians
  5. Asisstant/Resident Engineers
  6. Clerk Of Works
  7. Site Clerk/Typist

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