Incorporated in 1995, QESB, a privately owned company was established to venture into the oil and gas industry. After more than 16 years involved in the post-downstream sector, QESB diversified into scheduled waste management catering to the demand for hydrocarbon products through our recycling efforts of waste oil and targeting the niche market of spent catalyst recovery.

Jawatan kosong : Qualitest Engineering Sdn Bhd, Kemaman.
  1. Process Technician & 
  2. Utility Technician.
Sesiapa yang mempunyai sijil seperti di bawah, boleh memohon (fresh graduate dialu2kan) : 
  • Sijil Mechanical Engineering @
  • Sijil Waste Water 3 @
  • Sijil Chemical Engineering @
  • Sijil Chemical Engineering (Plant)/(Process). 

 Jika Berminat dan berkelayakan, sila hantarkan CV/resume lengkap anda ke E-mail:-

If you are looking for an organisation with strong leadership, integrity, a performance-based culture and a strong commitment to safety and the environment, you will be making the right move with QESB. Due to the size and diversity of our business, many of our people have experienced interesting and varied jobs during their time at QESB.
We welcome talents of diverse backgrounds and cultures to join our team and grow with us. We hire people with a broad set of technical skills who are ready to tackle some of the greatest environmental challenges and make an impact on the well being of society.
Come and join our high performance culture where people are rewarded for effort and dedication. If you have any qualification in chemical, process or mechanical engineering and/or have competencies or experience in HSE, maintenance, sales and product development, please register your interest. We are also keen to share our industry knowledge and experience with fresh graduates  and  regularly offer internship opportunities. You can email your resume tocareer@qesb.com.my

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