Koperasi Serbausaha Makmur Berhad (KOSMA)

Koperasi Serbausaha Makmur Berhad (KOSMA) was established on 4th December 1967. The main operations are palm oil plantation and hotel management. KOSMA is a cooperative and its purpose in accordance under its by-laws – “Undang-undang Kecil KOSMA” Part II No 6 is “to alleviate the economic status of its members through the principles of cooperatives.”
KOSMA managed to run its fully owned first budget hotel concept in Jalan Haji Abdul Aziz named KOSMA Hotel and Tourism on 8th February 1994 later changed to KOSMA Tourism Sdn Bhd (KTSB) on 11th August 1998. For the past 4 continuous years, the occupancy rate for KTSB has been 95%-100% per year. Foreseeing that hotel management is a good business KOSMA renovated its old office to another hotel with a boutique hotel concept called KOSMA Boutique Hotel.

Kekosongan jawatan adalah seperti berikut:-
  1. Pengurus Ladang
  2. Penolong Pengurus Ladang
  3. Penyelia Ladang
  4. Ketua Kerani
  5. Ketua Pengawal Keselamatan
  6. Pembantu Eksekutif sekretariat
  7. Operations Executive
  8. Front Office Supervisor
  9. Pembantu Tadbir Kewangan
  10. Pengawal Keselamatan
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