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Jord Malaysia is the fabrication arm of Jord International.Since 1972 Jord has been making customer ideas a reality across the globe. Jord designs, manufactures, commissions and services custom-engineered process equipment, modular skids and turnkey plant. We service a broad range of process industries, including alumina, coal, minerals, nickel, oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, power, steel and sugar. Over 200 staff generate annual revenues exceeding USD120 million from our various offices and fabrication centres around the world. Jord Malaysia is the only fabrication shop owned by Jord for fabrication of air cooling equipments globally. Jord Malaysia is ISO CERTIFIED and also an ASME 'U' stamp shop

Site Service Engineer

Job Description

  • The site service engineer provides broad ranging field support services to ensure the stable operation of Jord's bespoke plant and equipment. Industries serviced include the oil, gas and power generation industries in particular, and process industries in general. The work includes installing, commissioning, servicing and optimising Jord's broad range of process plant. End user training may also be required. The role involves considerable logical and creative thinking in order to resolve issues that may arise. Whilst good support from head office will be available, being a field role with direct customer interface will require the successful candidate will need to be self-motivated and self-sufficient to a high degree.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide on-site technical equipment support or installation;
  • Provide technical knowledge to resolve customer issues, ensure customer satisfaction is maintained and escalate technical/customer issues to management as needed
  • Promote continuous improvement
  • Interact with the customer support and aftermarket sales team to continually evaluate and improve the equipment support solutions channel and strategies
  • Remain flexible as site service requirements constantly change
  • Prepare and review equipment QA/QC documentation to carry out inspection, supervisory and investigation tasks

Skills and Experience:

  • Technical qualifications (Bachelor degree or equivalent) in electrical/mechanical engineering or related field experience
  • A minimum of five years; site service experience
  • Exposure to equipment similar to Jord's product lines
  • Strong troubleshooting skills and technical aptitude
  • Strong communication and customer facing skills
  • An interest and willingness for regular international travel

Apply here:

Closing date 23 August 2014

Senior QA Engineer


  • The Senior QA Engineer is responsible for the execution of planned and systematic pattern of all actions necessary to provide confidence that adequate technical requirements are established; products and services conform to established technical requirements; and satisfactory performance is achieved.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Reviewing the Purchase Order/Contract/Client Technical Specification/Equipment Data sheet to execute job with complying the client and code requirements;
  • Participation with production, engineering, and other activities in developing plans and procedures for assuring quality and reliability of Jord products during pre-inspection meeting and kick off meetings
  • Preparing and reviewing work procedures such as ITP, manufacturing procedures, welding & non-destructive tests procedures, special process procedures per the Job Specification/Client/Code requirements as well as the technical data to identify characteristics critical to product acceptability and provide inspection and test procedures
  • Monitoring and analyzing the completion and correctness of quality records or results & manufacturer's data record or book, identify the corrective actions as and when required and timely submission per contract requirement
  • Planning, coordinating and preparing the factory with other department on client audits or surveys and third party agencies on system re-certification (i.e. ASME, ISO)
  • Managing qualifications of welding procedures, welder qualification tests, calibration of welding machines, non-destructive tests personnel and welding consumables per latest codes and specifications
  • Reviewing of designs drawings &amp; calculations, material requisition, welding consumables, code forms (i.e. ASME U1/U4) in accordance to ASME QC Manual and latest ASME code requirements<br>&bull; Supervision on the status of QAQC procedure submission against project schedule
  • Evaluating procedures for maintaining control of drawings and technical data
  • Coordinating the disposition of nonconforming material
  • Full ownership of the database including adding new specifications and standards and ensuring latest revision is uploaded
  • Full ownership of event notes database including review &amp; close out process, conducting root cause analysis, making follow-ups and providing reports and feedback
  • Liaison with the client and project team

Skills and Experience:

  • Knowledge of quality assurance and control methods, principles, and practices, including statistical analysis and sampling techniques
  • Knowledge of international codes and standards including ASME, AS, API, ASTM, PED and BS
  • Knowledge of client specifications including PDO, Shell, Exon Mobile, Petronas, Appache, Wood Group and Saudi Aramco
  • Knowledge of product characteristics and applicable production maintenance, or repair methods & processes
  • Knowledge of inspection, test, and measurement techniques
  • Experience in interpreting and applying product specifications, technical data, regulations, policy statements, and other guideline materials
  • Experience in conducting studies and investigations, problem analysis, and developing logical and documented recommendations
  • Technically incline in welding procedure qualifications (WPS/PQR), welder qualifications tests & knowledgeable in non-destructive tests and mechanical laboratory tests in accordance to applicable codes and specifications.
  • Experience in ASME & ISO re-certification and audits
  • Proficient English written and oral communication skills
  • The ability to build effective interpersonal relationships within and outside the organisation
Apply here:

Closing date: 31 July 2014

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