Brunel provides business services specialising in flexible deployment of professionals in the field of Engineering, IT, Legal, Finance and all disciplines in the Oil & Gas industry. Our objective is to provide both our Clients and our Consultants excellence in all aspects of our service from resource planning through to the full life cycle of the assignment. Our Recruitment and Operations staff are experts in their fields with access to the best available network systems and are managed by experienced professionals. The added knowledge of, and proven ability in, international logistics and local laws and regulations enables us to provide an efficient, cost effective and fully compliant service.

Available positions:-

  1. Projects Lead Engineers I
  2. Advanced Process Control Engineers
  3. PA BPCS Specialists
  4. Estimating Engineers II
  5. CAD Tools Engineers 
  6. CAD Tools Engineers I
  7. Standard Engineer IV
  8. System Engineer Speciliasts
  9. CAD Draftman I
  10. Analysis & Delivery Engineers II
  11. Engineering Trainers
  12. Piping Engineers
  13. Process Engineers II
  14. PA SIS Engineets I
  15. Engineer Trainer
  16. SDM Coordinators
  17. Digital Technician II
  18. IP Policy & compliance Leads
  19. Maintenance Foreman
  20. Parts Reverse Engineering Coordinators
  21. Maintenance Representatives
  22. Hydroperoxide Maintenance Planning Engineers
  23. Maintenance Trainers
  24. Maintenance  C & SU Technicians
  25. Maintenance  Engineers IV
  26. Maintenance Foreman Mechanical
  27. Maintenance  Foreman I&E
  28. Maintenance  Process Supervisors
  29. Maintenance Start-Up Readiness Coordinator
  30. Turnaround Managers
  31. Maintenance Engineers I
  32. Welding Specialist
  33. Maintenance  T&I Foreman
  34. Maintenance Schedulers I
  35. Maintenance  Engineers II
  36. Maintenance Sr. CMMS Support Technicians I
  37. Electrical Maintenance Engineers IV
  38. Sr. Boilermakers
  39. Metal Fab Shop Lead Engineers
  40. Sr. Riggers
  41. Shared Services Supervisors
  42. Shop and Services Superintendents
  43. IEDA Shop and Services Supervisors
  44. Maintenance  Engineers III
  45. Reliability Engineers II
  46. Sr. Mechanical Alignment Technicians
  47. Sr FRP Technologist
  48. Sr. Refractory Technologists
  49. Reliability Trainers
  50. Analytical Trainer and C&SU
  51. Project Quality Controllers
  52. Project Quality Engineers II
  53. Plant Inspection Supervisors
  54. Sr Electrical Inspectors
  55. Asset Integrity Engineers III
  56. Supervising Inspectors I
  57. Analytical Science Technology Chemists II
  58. Lab Shift Tech I
  59. Lab Shift Tech II
  60. Sr Chemometricians
  61. Analyzer Technician I
  62. Analyzer Trainer C&SU
  63. Sr Packing Operators
  64. Packaging Operator I
  65. Packaging Operator II
  66. Console Operator I
  67. Environmental Specialist
  68. Sr EH&S Technician

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