Putrajaya Perdana Berhad

Putrajaya Perdana Berhad

Putrajaya Perdana Berhad ("PPB" or "the Group") is an accomplished construction, property development and expressway concession player in Malaysia. Our success in delivering several prominent and large scale projects on a turnkey, design and build basis, as well as our pioneering efforts in energy efficiency in construction, have done much to enhance our reputation as one of Malaysia’s most innovative and reliable construction companies.

Available positions:-

  1. Assistant Manager, Finance & Accounts
  2. Assistant Manager/Executive, Human Resource
  3. Manager/Executive,Internal Audit
  4. Admin Executive
  5. Secretarial Executive
  6. Temporary IT Executive
  7. Senior Project Manager/Project Manager/Project Engineer (based in Klang Valley & Johor)
  8. Manager/Assistant Manager, Contract (based in Johor)
  9. Manager/Site Engineer/Site Coordinator, M&E (based in Purtajaya and Johor)
  10. Supervisor/Coordinator QA QC & Enviromental  (based in Klang Valley & Johor)
  11. Construction Manager (based in Johor)
  12. Technical Manager/Architect (based in Klang Valley & Johor)
  13. Assistant Site Agent (based in Klang Valley & Johor)
  14. 3D/ BIM Modeller (based in Klang Valley)
  15. Technical Engineer/ Assistant (based in Klang Valley & Putrajaya)
  16. Land Surveyor/ Assistant Land Surveyor (based in Klang Valley & Johor)
  17. Quantity Surveyor/ Assistant Quantity Surveyor  (based in Klang Valley & Johor)
  18. Safety & Health Officer/ Supervisor  (based in Klang Valley & Johor)
  19. Senior Site Supervisor/ Site Supervisor, Architect  (based in Klang Valley & Johor)
  20. Store Assistant (based in Klang Valley)
  21. Project Secretary/ Admin Executive/ Site Clerk/ Clerk  (based in Klang Valley & Johor)
  22. Wireman  (based in Klang Valley)
  23. Sustainability Engineer  (based in Klang Valley)
  24. Mechanic (based in Klang Valley & Johor)
  25. Logistic Coordinator (based in Johor)
  26. General Manager/ Assistant General Manager (based in Putrajaya)
  27. Assistant Manager, Engineering  (based in Putrajaya)
  28. Quantity Surveyor/ Assistant Quantity Surveyor (based in Putrajaya)
  29. Senior Project Manager (based on Klang Valley, Perak, Johor)
  30. Senior Project Manager/ Project Manager/ Construction Manager (based in Johor)
  31. Manager/ Engineer M&E (based in Johor)
  32. Senior Coordinator/ Senior Site Supervisor/ Site Supervisor, M&E (based in Johor & Perak)
  33. HSSE Manager (based in Johor)
  34. Safety & Health Officer/ Supervisor (based in Johor, Perak)
  35. Environmental Officer (based in Johor)
  36. Security Manager/ Officer (based in Johor)
  37. Project Control Manager/ Project Controller (based in Johor)
  38. Project Scheduler/ Senior Planning Engineer (based in Purajaya, Johor, Perak)
  39. Liaison Officer (based in Johor)
  40. Manager/ Engineer, QA QC (based in Johor)
  41. Document Control Engineer (based in Johor)
  42. Contract Manager/ Senior Quantity Surveyor/ Quantity Surveyor/ Assistant Quantity Surveyor (based in Johor, Perak)
  43. Land Surveyor (based in Johor, Perak)
  44. Senior Site Engineer/ Site Engineer (based in Johor, Perak)
  45. Senior Site Supervisor/ Site Supervisor (based in Johor, Perak)
  46. Administration Executive (based in Johor)
  47. Lab Technician/ Lab Assistant (based in Johor, Perak)
  48. Site Clerk (based in Johor)
  49. Senior Manager, Marketing (based in Purtrajaya)
  50. Senior Manager/ Manager,Project (based in Purajaya, Johor, Perak)

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