Latexx Partners Berhad


Latexx Partners Berhad is a public listed company on the Bursa Malaysia (Formally known as Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange).
Latexx Partners Berhad is located in Kamunting Industrial Estate, north of peninsular Malaysia, with close proximity to Penang seaport and Penang international airport.
The company started its operation in 1988. Today, Latexx is one of the largest medical examination gloves producers in Malaysia. It is presently the largest glove manufacturing company with all its factories built in one single location. The company is embarked on an aggressive expansion plan. The current capacity is 6 billion pieces of gloves annually. By the year 2011, the capacity is expected to increase to 9 billion. The expansion plan will further continue. By 2013, a target of 12 billion gloves is set. And, by year 2015 to achieve a shipment target of 15 billion gloves per annum.
We cater and distribute our gloves worldwide, capitalizing on our strong market representation around the world. Currently our gloves are distributed to 80 countries, serving more than 300 customers.

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