Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Company Limited (ADGAS)

To achieve company vision through the safe and efficient production, marketing, sale and delivery of LNG, LPG and natural gases, pentane and sulphur; building on our ADGAS history, solid partnerships and human capital. 

We will strive to sustain our recognized international reputation for reliability, integrity and efficiency and to continually improve HSE and business performance. We will attract, develop and retain competent and dedicated staff ”. 

We aim to do this by being a world class efficient and reliable company, through adhering to the highest Health, Safety, & Environment standards and through employees who are dedicated to Quality, Professionalism and Cost Effectiveness

Available Positions:-

  1. Lead Gas Turbine Engineer (Maintenance)- Contract Hire
  2. Senior Construction Engineer - Projects- Contract Hire
  3. Senior Electrical Engineer (Project Division)- Contract Hire
  4. Lead Rotating Machinery Engineer- Contract Hire
  5. Business IS Analyst- Contract Hire
  6. Senior Business IS Analyst (Plant and Engineering Solution)- Contract Hire
  7. Value Assurance Process (VAP) Specialist
  8. Senior Project Engineer- Contract Hire
  9. Project Engineer-Contract Hire
  10. Senior Instrument Engineer/Specialist- Contract Hire
  11. Senior Performance & Reliability Engineer (Instrument)
  12. Product Analyst (QC)
  13. Senior Electrical Engineer Specialist - Contract Hire

Apply online here : http://adf.ly/pMjf6
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