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Schlumberger Limited is the world's largest oilfield services company.

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Students and Recent Graduates

Engineering, Research, and Operations

  1. Field Engineer
  2. Field Specialist
  3. Field Technical
  4. Maintenance Engineer
  5. Maintenance Technician
  6. Research
  7. Engineering, Manufacturing, and Sustaining
  8. Internships

Geoscience and Petrotechnical

  1. Geologist
  2. Geophysicist
  3. Petrophysicist
  4. Reservoir Engineer (Petroleum Engineer)
  5. Software Engineer
  6. Internships

Commercial and Business

  1. Business Consulting
  2. Human Resources
  3. Information Technology
  4. Supply Chain
  5. Internships

Experienced Professionals

Associate Scientist
Post-Doctoral / Research Scientist
Research Scientist
Research Scientist - System Dynamics & Control
Research Scientist, Theoretical Fluid Mechanics
Casing Driller
Coiled Tubing Field Specialist/Supervisor
Cementing Field Specialist
Core Analysis Lab Specialist
Completion and Workover Engineer
Logistics Specialist
Laboratory Technician (Oil and Gas)
GIS Specialist/Database Engineer
Mechanical Maintenance Technician/Supervisor
Senior Geochemist
Area Depth Imaging Geophysicist
Systems Engineer
Senior Groundwater Modeler
Hydraulic Engineer or Hydrologist
Procurement Specialist
Research Geophysicist
Project Engineer for Environmental Solutions
Production Engineer
Project Manager (Production)
Project Engineer, Drilling Fluids
Testing Field Specialist
Data Engineer
Environmental Solutions Specialist
Directional Driller
Flow Assurance Professional
Electronics Maintenance Technician
Drilling Wellsite Supervisor
Drilling Fluids Specialist
Drilling Engineer or Well Engineer
Fishing Tools Specialist (Supervisor or Operator)
Rig Manager
Reservoir Engineer
Testing Engineer
Schlumberger Business Consulting - Manager
Sales Engineer
Rig Safety Coordinator/Manager
Research Scientists
Schlumberger Business Consulting - Management Consultant

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