Hess Corporation

Hess Corporation

Hess Corporation (NYSE: HES) is a global independent energy company engaged in the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas. We are a leading shale oil and gas producer, a leader in deepwater development and production, and a focused, high impact explorer. Our assets are focused in five areas where we have proven technical capabilities: Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, West Africa, Asia Pacific and Onshore U.S. 

Six core values guide everything we do, including our relationships with stakeholders: communities, employees, customers, business partners and shareholders. We are committed to help meet the world’s growing need for energy while making a positive impact on the communities where we do business. We strive each day to be a trusted partner that ensures the safety of our workforce and host communities, and protects and preserves the environment. 

Our employees say Hess has a family feel and what they do gets recognized and rewarded. They describe a “can-do” spirit and a sense of empowerment to make a meaningful difference. They appreciate the teamwork and collaboration with colleagues and like the opportunities Hess provides to help them grow and advance in their careers.

Available positions (Kuala Lumpur):-

  1. Geophysical Advisor
  2. HR Specialist
  3. Hydrocarbon Accounting Engineer
  4. QAQC Coordinator (Drilling)
  5. Senior Planner
  6. Sr Drilling Engineer
  7. Supply Base Supervisorr
  8. Senior Project Pipeline Engineer
  9. Staff Auditor I
  10. Staff Auditor II
Apply here: http://adf.ly/qeEa2

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