INPEX Corporation

INPEX currently conducts more than 70 oil and gas projects in 28 countries, making us Japan’s largest oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) company, and is aiming to establish a firm position as a global independent upstream company by leveraging two large-scale projects - Ichthys and Abadi - and boosting exploration and development activities.

INPEX offers you various challenging and rewarding job opportunities since we have a strong belief that an ambitious and talented workforce is a key to achieve our goal

Available positions :-

  Title Closing Date
Contracts Legal Counsel 31-Oct-14
HR Specialist - People Development 30-Sep-14
Procurement Staff Corporate 30-Sep-14
EAF (Expatriate Administration Formalities) Officer for G&O 30-Sep-14
Internal Audit Advisor 30-Sep-14
Asset Petroleum Engineer 30-Sep-14
Asset Geophysicist 30-Sep-14
Sr. Staff Gas Contract 30-Sep-14
Sr. Contract Staff/Engineer 30-Sep-14
Senior Staff LNG Shipping 30-Sep-14
Sr. Gas Marketing Analyst 30-Sep-14
Sr. Asset Petroleum Engineer 30-Sep-14
Sr. Asset Petroleum Engineer 30-Sep-14
Sr. Development Geophysicist 30-Sep-14
Method & Procedure Staff 30-Sep-14
Completion Engineer 30-Sep-14
Sr.Asset Geophysicist 30-Sep-14
Asset Geologist 30-Sep-14
Sr. Development Geologist 30-Sep-14
Petrophysicist 30-Sep-14
Sr. Reservoir Engineer 30-Sep-14
Sr. Petroleum Engineer 30-Sep-14
Operations Geologist 30-Sep-14
Reservoir Engineer 30-Sep-14
Contract Superintendent 30-Sep-14
Senior Gas Marketing Analyst 30-Sep-14
Asset Geologist 30-Sep-14
HR Specialist - Personal Administration & Industrial Relations 30-Sep-14
Project Reporting Staff 30-Sep-14
Head of Coordination 30-Sep-14
Sr Coordination Staff 30-Sep-14
Coordination Staff 30-Sep-14
Tax Staff 30-Sep-14
People Development Coordinator 30-Sep-14
Senior Asset Production Engineer 30-Sep-14
GA & Ligitation Senior Legal Counsel 30-Sep-14
Senior Drilling Engineer 30-Sep-14
Air Operation Coordinator 30-Sep-14
Gas & Crude Oil Marketing Admin Assistant 30-Sep-14
Drilling Engineer 30-Sep-14
Sr. Plant Operations Engineer 31-Jul-14
Sr. Staff Social Investment 31-Jul-14
Subsea & Control Engineer 31-Jul-14
Subsea Tree Engineer 31-Jul-14
Sr. Production Engineer 31-Jul-14
Social Investment Staff 31-Jul-14
Formalities & Operation Support Staff 31-Jul-14
SURF Installation 31-Jul-14
Sr Staff Formalities & Operation Support 31-Jul-14
Sr Staff Corporate Communication 31-Jul-14
Public & Media Relations Staff 31-Jul-14

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