Gamuda Berhad

Gamuda Berhad is committed to building world-class infrastructure for consumers in Asia. This multinational company offering a wide range of innovative products, so that customers are satisfied and believe in us. Gamuda Berhad will use a method that has the efficiency and relevance so that our clients’ needs can be met quickly.
Gamuda Berhad strive to provide services that satisfy the desires and hearts of consumers with various technical methods and steps that have been offered to the domestic and international markets. One of them is hire professional workers in this job vacancy.
Job Vacancies at Gamuda Berhad :
1. Section Head -Building
2. Section Head – QA / QC
3. IT Executive
4. Sales Admin Officer / Executive (Johor Bahru)
5. Accounts Assistant
6. Insurance Assistant
7. Skim Latihan 1Malaysia – GAMUDA

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