SATORP is building a world-class refinery scheduled to start operation in 2013.The environmentally friendly Jubail Refinery will produce a high proportion of white products such as diesel, gasoline, LPG, petrochemicals, and jet fuels from heavy crude oil.The refinery will be one of the most complex refineries in the world.

Field Operator

Job Code311
Job TitleField Operator
Required Years of ExperienceOne (1) years of experience in Operations.
Minimum Educational LevelHigh School
MajorScientific - High School
Employment TypePermanent
DescriptionReceive work directions from the Lead Operator to implement processes and operations pertaining to refining, sweetening, refrigeration, storage, shipping, fractionation and drying plant, crude distillation and stripping, plat forming and hydro cracking and other technical areas of similar complexity. Serve as a lead or highly skill operator in less complex plants. Demonstrate technical ability following contexts: oil, gas or seawater handling, treatment or processing in any area of SATORP’s operations.
SkillsGood knowledge of equipment such as distillations, hydrotreaters, and generators. Good knowledge of refinery operations and maintenance. Fire fighting and emergency skills. Possess the flexibility to operate other plants of similar complexity after a reasonable break-in period. Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines. Good communication skills. Willing to work irregular hours. Good command of oral and written English.
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Assistant Treasurer (N)

Job Code2601
Job TitleAssistant Treasurer (N)
Required Years of ExperienceTen (10) years of Treasury experience, of which at
Minimum Educational LevelBachelor
MajorAccounts, Finance and Banking
Employment TypePermanent
DescriptionAssist the Treasurer in establishing and implementing the Division strategies, policies and procedures and ensure close monitoring of SATORP operations and financial transactions to help safeguard its financial assets; manage it investments; analyze and maintain its financial records; mitigate possible risks. Act as the Company’s representative in dealing and negotiations with banks and other financial institutions.
Skills- Strong knowledge of Corporate Treasury functions. - Strong knowledge of financial control systems methodologies (budgeting segregation of duties, and audit requirements). -Good knowledge of risk management and insurance activities. -Ability to work in a dynamic environment. -Strong interpersonal communication skills. -Strong analytical abilities. - Ability to plan, organize, and prioritize work effectively. - Conversant with SAP and Microsoft Office applications. - Capable of handling multiple tasks.- Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines. - Strong negotiation skills.- Strong command of oral and written English.
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Warehouse Leader

Job Code808
Job TitleWarehouse Leader
Required Years of ExperienceEight (8) years of experience in Refinery Warehous
Minimum Educational LevelBachelor
MajorBusiness Administration
Employment TypePermanent
DescriptionTo Lead the day-to-day activities of SATORP’s warehouse, including receiving, processing, storing and shipping of all materials, supplies, equipment and spare parts. Ensure the effective implementation of best-in-class inventory management.
Skills- Strong knowledge of Supply Chain Management principles and theories. - Strong knowledge of Logistics and Procurement Processes. - Strong knowledge of Quality Control and Quality Assurance procedures. - Strong team building skills. - Strong time management skills. - Strong interpersonal communications skills. - Strong problem solving skills. - Conversant with SAP and Microsoft Office applications. - Strong commands of oral and written English.
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Mechanical Engineer (N)

Job Code713
Job TitleMechanical Engineer (N)
Required Years of ExperienceSix (6) years
Minimum Educational LevelBachelor
MajorMechanical Engineering
Employment TypePermanent
Description1.Familiar with all applicable ASME, API and AWS Welding relevant standards such as a minimum ASME B 31.3, Section VIII, Section IIC, Section IX, API RP 582 and AWS A2.4, A3.0, D1.1 2.Mechanical Engineer has the capability of developing and reviewing WPS (Welding Procedure Specification) and Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) 3.Familiar with variety of professional tools, machines, and other types of equipment to execute different welding tasks. 4.Mechanical engineers shall have welding application, procedures, and techniques to fabricate metals more efficiently and liaison with Contractors / Third Party 5.Manage the Company Weld Spec Data Base accordance with company policies. 6.He may involve in the purchase of welding consumables and purchase/hire of welding equipment. 7.Involve in the field inspection and Test plan 8.Propose for recommended Non Destructive Test method for welding process 9.Assist with all QC aspects during the compilation of tenders 10.Manage subcontractor activities to ensure compliance with project specifications. 11.Direct work experience in a Welding Engineering capacity, including all aspects of process development and execution.
Skills- Good knowledge of maintenance operations. - Strong knowledge of Mechanical system design, and testing. - Strong knowledge of the welding Plant Maintenance integration points to Inspection ,Materials Management and Project Systems. - Strong interpersonal skills. - Good problem solving skills. - Ability to work in a dynamic environment.
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