PT Petrosea Tbk

We are an Indonesian National company with International Capabilities. With over 41 years of experience in Mining, Engineering and Construction, and Offshore Base Services, Petrosea is recognized as one of Indonesia's leading contractors. Petrosea offers a unique and comprehensive array of services to the Indonesian Mining sector and we believe we are the only Indonesian company with the ability to deliver a complete 'Pit to Port' mining solution 
Together with its holding company, PT Indika Energy Tbk, Petrosea is able to provide solutions in the total energy supply chain. Understanding the demands of the industry and having the full suites of expertise in Engineering and project management in Indonesia, high-quality construction capabilities, ability to complete complex projects on schedule, local knowledge and focus on human capital management and development, enable us to provide consistent results and positions ourself to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers
We believe our principal competitive strengths include:
  • Uniquely positioned as a full service mining solutions provider to coal producers in Indonesia
  • Providing reliable and efficient services to a stable customer base
  • Strong management team and well-trained workforce with significant industry experience
  • Commitment to Zero harm to people, community and environment   

Due to our rapid growth at present, we are currently taking applicants for below positions

NoPositionBusiness Line
1 .  Marketing Coordinator Strategic Business Development 
2 .  Market Analyst Strategic Business Development 

NoPositionBusiness Line
1 .  Training Specialist (Kalimantan Timur) POSB 
2 .  Rigging & Lifting Supervisor (Kalimantan Timur) POSB 
3 .  Operation Supervisor (Kalimantan Timur) POSB 
4 .  Operation Superintendent POSB 
5 .  Operation Foreman (Kalimantan Timur) POSB 
6 .  Emergency Response Coordinator POSB 

NoPositionBusiness Line
1 .  Production Manager Mining & Mine Services 
2 .  Mining Supervisor (Kalimantan) Mining & Mine Services 
3 .  Mining Foreman (Kalimantan) Mining & Mine Services 
4 .  Drill & Blast Supervisor (Kalimantan) Mining & Mine Services 
5 .  Drill & Blast Engineer (Kalimantan) Mining & Mine Services 

NoPositionBusiness Line

NoPositionBusiness Line
1 .  HSE OFFICER Engineering & Project Management 
2 .  CIVIL & STRUCTURE SUPERVISOR Engineering & Project Management 

NoPositionBusiness Line
1 .  SENIOR PROJECT ENGINEER Engineering & Project Management  
2 .  SENIOR CONTRACT ENGINEER Engineering & Project Management  
3 .  SENIOR BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Engineering & Project Management  
4 .  QA/QC ENGINEER Engineering & Project Management  
5 .  PROJECT MANAGER Engineering & Project Management  
6 .  CONSTRUCTION MANAGER Engineering & Project Management  

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