OPS Oilfield Services (Thailand) Limited

OPS Thailand is a company providing specialized technical services to the Oil and Gas industry in Asia and the Middle East.
Since our establishment in Thailand in 2008, OPS has experienced rapid growth in providing technical consultancy services, specialized equipment and oilfield services to the Oil & Gas sector.
Headquartered in Bangkok, OPS also has local offices in Thailand in Songkhla and Sattahip to support offshore operations, including yard storage facilities. With our rapid growth we have since expanded our operations into countries including Myanmar, Oman, and Bahrain.
OPS’s clients include international Owner Operators, Well Services & Drilling Contractors, and Engineering and Construction companies. Our company mission is to become our clients’ first choice for their oilfield service needs. 

  1. Senior Geophysicist - Exploration & New Venture
  2. Senior Geophysicist, Advance Seismic Imaging Team Leader
  3. Senior Geophysicist, Quantitative Interpretation (QI)
  4. Rig Safety Coordinator
  5. Materials Supervisor
  6. Heavy Lift Crane Operator
  7. Driller
  8. Toolpusher
  9. Chief Electrician
  10. Chief mechanic
  11. Maintenance Supervisor
  12. OIM (Tender Rig)
  13. Shore based Marine Supt.
  14. Shore based Maintenance Supt.
  15. Rig based Electrical Supt.
  16. Rig based Mechanical Supt.
  17. Barge Captain
  18. Country Manager
  19. Sales Engineer – Oilfield Products
  20. Painter
  21. Safety Training Officer/ STC
  22. E&I Principal Engineer
  23. Principal Process Engineer
  24. Sale Engineer – Drill Bit
  25. Senior Crew Coordinator
  26. Senior Geologist, Development (Contract)
  27. Senior Geophysicist, Development (Contract)
  28. Senior Drilling Method Engineer (Contract)
  29. Senior Drilling Supervisor
  30. Drilling Superintendent
  31. Motorman
  32. Derrickman
  33. Maintenance - Offshore
  34. Welder
  35. Radio Operator
  36. Electrician
  37. Pumpman
  38. Assistant Mechanic
Apply here: http://adf.ly/qSGjt

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