CSD Marine Engineering Services Sdn Bhd

CSD Marine Engineering Services Sdn Bhd or CSDMES was established on 11th June 2007, by two partners who venture into general trading business. In February 2012, two others visionary entrepreneurs teamed up to take over the company and set to embark into oil & gas, transportation and installation of offshore facilities, hook-up and commissioning of offshore facilities, decommissioning of offshore facilities and others marine related services.

The new management has set a solid and ambitious mission, vision and milestones. Having sufficient and vast experience of over 20 years in oil & gas, marine industry and supported by its partners, the company is proud to lend its expertise in Marine Engineering Services to the oil & gas operators local and abroad.

Today, CSDMES is an active offshore and marine engineering services contractor providing wide range of services and committed to deliver excellent services to its client. Towards this grand goal CSDMES will have it’s own assets and engineering expertise making it one of few companies who can provide total solutions for every projects it’s working on.

1.    Secretary cum Personal Assistance to Managing Director

2.    Installation, Hook-up and Commissioning Manager

3.    Finance & Admin Manager

4.    Contract & Procurement Manager

5.    Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Manager

6.    Installation, Hook-up and Commissioning Planner / Engineer

7.    Construction Work pack / Job Card Coordinator

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