Petrofac is an oilfield service company.For the last 30 years we have been building our capability, increasing the scale and scope of our service offering. Today, Petrofac can provide services to customers across the entire spectrum of the oil & gas asset life cycle, on either a stand-alone or integrated basis, under flexible commercial models which are tailored to a customer’s needs. 

Positions available (Malaysia):-

  1. Petrophysicist-Full-time
  2. Senior Geologist-Full-time
  3. Lead Geophysicist-Full-time
  4. Lead Geologist-Full-time
  5. Operations Geologist-Full-time
  6. Subsurface Team Lead-Full-time
  7. Reservoir Engineer-Full-time
  8. Completions Engineer-Full-time
  9. Berantai Finance Manager-Full-time
  10. Competency Coordinator
  11. Technical Assistant-Full-time
  12. Legal Advisor-Full-time
  13. Senior Process Engineer-Full-time
  14. Lead Health & Safety-Full-time
  15. MPM Liason / FDP Coordinator-Full-time
  16. Insurance Executive-Full-time 
  17. Senior Geophysicist-Full-time
  18. Production Technologist-Full-time
  19. Senior Geophysicist-Full-time
  20. Cost Recovery and Compliance Analyst-Full-time
  21. Operation Support Engineer-Full-time
  22. Instrument Engineer-Full-time
  23. Offshore Petroleum Engineering-Full-time
  24. Petroleum Engineer-Full-time
  25. Senior Production Technologist-Full-time
  26. Geologist-Full-time
  27. Senior Reservoir Engineer-Full-time
  28. Technical Training Instructor-Full-time
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Location: Malaysia

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