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George Kent has a rich history in Malaysia with proven track record It is one of the pioneers in the Malaysian manufacturing industry with roots dating back to 1951, when George Kent (Malaya) Ltd was incorporated locally and subsequently renamed George Kent (Malaysia) Ltd in 1965 before being listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange [Bursa Malaysia] in 1974 as George Kent (Malaysia) Berhad. George Kent also has the distinction of being one of the founding members of the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) when Malaysia was just starting out to develop its manufacturing base and hence has been contributed significantly to the nation's progress and rapid developments and transformation from an agriculture-based economy to industrial.

Today, George Kent has firmly established itself as the leading name for water metering products and solutions for both household/commercial and industrial applications around the world. It has also grown and diversified its business base and technical expertise to encompass large-scale turnkey water-related infrastructure and M & E projects, building and construction of healthcare facilities, transportation hubs and other key installations which involve a multitude of value-engineering and specialized technical expertise in various fields.

With its well-established manufacturing base and forte in water-related engineering and construction, George Kent is well-positioned as an employer to provide its employees exciting and rewarding long-term career in many areas of specialization and disciplines, be it in manufacturing, R & D, QA/QC, product engineering, engineering design and planning, M & E services, turnkey project management and undertaking of key BOT concessions in large utilities and installations.

George Kent is a performance-centric organization where all its integral parts come together in unison in pursuit of a common vision, mission and objectives. No job function in unimportant and no position is too obscure that remains out of the radar and the company sets  Key Performance Indices [KPIs] for each of its business divisions and operating units that are reviewed regularly for relevance and effectiveness in-sync with the ever-changing dimensions.

George Kent continually need managers and key leaders who are able to think-outside- the box in any process, task or routine activity undertaken so that new values can be added and innovation created to enhance its competitiveness to further propagate growth and profitability for the Group. We are always on the look-out for talented, self-motivated, and ambitious achievers who thrive in challenges and embrace change in a very positive manner. We hunt for people who share the same passion and commitment with us in driving and effecting change and transformation in working consistently towards organizational goals and vision of being the leader in all our active business areas.

We invite ambitious individuals with high career aspirations to join us in the George Kent environment. Please send in your resume c/o TMO/HRD to
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Alternatively you can fax to 03-8061-3295

Currently we have vacancies available within the various operating units as below:

Position TitleVacantDepartment
1Project Manager1IWC
2Assistant Manager - SCADA1IWC
3Mechanical Engineer1IWC
4Project Engineer4IWC
5Sales Manager - OEM1MMI
6Sales Manager - OEM Non-Meters1MMI
7Technical Sales Support Engineer1MMI
8Sales Executive - Export2MMI
9Sales Engineer1MMI
10Internal Audit Executive1F&C
11Junior Accounts Executive1F&C
12IT Manager1F&C
13Industrial Process Engineer1MMI

Total Vacancies17

Besides the above positions, if you are qualified or highly experienced in specialty branches of civil/infrastructural/geo-technical engineering, waterworks/water treatment plants, waste water/sewerage treatment plants, metallurgical sciences and tools engineering and SCADA instrumentation works, we would also be pleased to receive your interest to join our growing family.

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