Tenaga Tiub Sdn Bhd

Tenaga Tiub people are not all the same and we like it that way! We believe that diverse talents bring diverse ideas and experiences to teams, which increases creativity and enhances problem solving. This leads to innovation and competitive edge, which strengthen our company's position in the long term. You know that Tenaga Tiub is the kind of place you would like to work - now you just need to find the right opportunity.

If you are skilled, ambitious, enthusiastic, hardworking, energetic and have universal Godly values, click here to download our job application form and email to hr@tenagatiub.com.my and join us in our mission to improve life for the people around us.

1. Project Engineer (Mechanical or Electrical) view details
2. Production Engineer view details
3. QA/QC Engineer view details
4. Design & Estimation Engineer view details
5. Administrative Clerk view details

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Tel : +603 2711 0888

Fax : +603 2711 3688

Email : hr@tenagatiub.com.my

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