PetroMalaysia Sdn Bhd

Based in Kuala Lampur, PetroMalaysia Sdn Bhd is recognized as an industry leader in enhanced oil recovery, reservoir characterization and simulation, coalbed methane, production, facilities, and exploration technologies.

PetroMalaysia is actively seeking professionals with a background in the oil and gas industry. If you want to pursue a career in a fast-paced, high-tech environment, we're looking for candidates in the following areas:

Development Geology
Exploration Geology
Development Geophysics
Exploration Geophysics
Reservoir Engineering
Production Engineering
Facilities Engineering
Operations Engineering
Coal Bed Methane Engineering
Coal Bed Methane Operations and Analysis
Coal Bed Methane Geology
Software Engineering
Software Project Management

For an exciting opportunity in the above specialties, please send your resume to or mail it to us at the following address: HR Manager, PetroMalaysia Inc., PO Box 863687, Plano, TX 75086-3687


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